Welcome to the Customer Leadership Council

The Customer Leadership Council (CLC) is an invitation-only group created to give our most important enterprise customers the chance to openly discuss the software with other users, gain new ideas for use cases and provide suggestions on future product innovation.

We expect to meet virtually twice and maintain closed-circle communications throughout the year to gauge our progress and ensure product-related issues are being actioned and our members realize incremental value.

CLC members will have the opportunity to:

Give Open Feedback
Have the platform to share user experiences and ideas for improvement

Gain Inspiration from Peers
Listen to how other users apply Quark software in different contexts for potential use case enhancements

Influence Product Strategy
Directly influence future product development with aspirational suggestions and core functionality enhancements

Stay Ahead of the Curve
Take advantage of private pre-release information to shape content strategies before competitors become aware

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 16




Register now for our next virtual meeting on Wednesday, November 16 at 10am US ET. Please reach out to your dedicated account manager if you have any questions.