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No subscription – Lifetime license
Buy QuarkXPress 2018 Today and Receive Fonts Worth $1597 FREE!

No Subscription – Lifetime License!

There’s never been a better time to buy QuarkXPress 2018. Not only do you get the best version of QuarkXPress ever, you’ll also receive 12 professional Fontsmith typefaces encompassing 56 individual fonts plus 200 icons worth $1597 – FREE!


*Please read and understand the Fontsmith END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT for these fonts under studio license before using them commercially.


  1. After you have purchased QuarkXPress 2018, please fill out this form to show that you are eligible to receive the free Fontsmith fonts. (Note: The Mac App Store edition of QuarkXPress 2018 cannot be combined with this offer.)

  2. Within 10 business days you will receive an email from Quark with a coupon code for your free Fontsmith fonts.

  3. Once you have received the coupon code, visit this page to download and install the fonts. 


QuarkXPress 2018 is the b
est professional Print and Digital Design software available. Lifetime license, no subscription! See what's new in QuarkXPress 2018 and download the free trial.
Available now including the special font bundle offer:

Minimum System Requirements

QuarkXPress 2018 supports the newest three operating systems from both macOS and Windows. Please note that QuarkXPress 2018 might work on older operating systems, however these are not supported or tested by Quark. Full list of System Requirements for QuarkXPress 2018.

El Capitan (OS X 10.11), Sierra (macOS 10.12), High Sierra (macOS 10.13), macOS Mojave (10.14)

Windows: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (64 bit only, with latest updates)


The “Buy QuarkXPress 2018, Get 12 Fontsmith typefaces Free” offer is valid from September 17, 2018 until December 20, 2018 to customers who purchase QuarkXPress 2018 upgrade, full product and site licenses. The fonts are provided under a studio license and can be used from 1 to 10 seats (depending on purchase) within the country of sale. Detailed license agreements can be read here.

Not For Resale, Mac App Store Pro Edition and Campus licenses are excluded from this offer. The bundled fonts worth SRP £1240/€1376/$1597 are available as OpenType and can be used for both Mac or Windows. The fonts will be provided as a software download only. To receive the free fonts, customers need to visit the Fontsmith Website and use the coupon code which Quark will provide once the redemption form has been completed for valid redemptions to download and install the fonts. Quark will not be providing technical support on this 3rd party software. Please check the Fontsmith Websites for their terms & conditions. This offer is not valid for any other products and cannot be used in combination with any other offer or discount besides the QuarkXPress Competitive Upgrade offer. This offer cannot be applied to previously purchased products.

Provided that a valid copy of QuarkXPress 2018 is purchased, the coupon code and the URL to access the download will be emailed to the customer. Customers must successfully complete their redemption form before January 31, 2019. After this date, customers are not eligible to receive the free fonts anymore.

Quark reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time without prior notification. All 3rd party bundle components are provided while stocks last. Original SRP in GBP prices shown as USD or EUR are approximate price values based on the actual currency exchange rate and are excluding VAT.

Redemption Expiration Date: January 31, 2019
For further details on the Quark Software Inc. Privacy Policy, click here.


Q. What is in the QuarkXPress 2018 Fontsmith Bundle?
A. With every purchase of a QuarkXPress 2018 upgrade or new license, customers will receive 12 Fontsmith typeface studio licenses worth $1597 (SRP excluding VAT) completely free.  Please note that Not For Resale, the Mac App Store Pro Edition and Campus licenses are excluded from this offer. The special bundle offer is only available for purchases of QuarkXPress 2018 made from 17 September 2018 to 20 December 2018.

Q. Are the bundled fonts commercial licenses?
A. Yes, the fonts are studio licenses and can be used commercially up to 10 seats maximum in the country of purchase. 1 to 3 seats will be single font licenses, more and up to 10 will be 10 seat studio license. Detailed license agreements can be read here.

Things included:
A single User Licence font can be used on one Workstation. You can use the fonts to make bitmap graphics such as gif, jpg and png for use on a website or mobile app. A Studio Licence only permits you to use the font in the country of purchase. (other offices will need their own Studio Licence or you can purchase an SME Licence).

Things not included:
• You cannot embed the fonts into a website using @font-face (go to Digital Licence).
• You cannot use in Document Composition systems - Billing etc (go to Brandfont® licence).
• You cannot use this licence as a broadcaster/TV channel (go to Brandfont® licence).
• You cannot embed the fonts into Mobile Apps (go to Digital Licence)
• You cannot use the fonts in more than one country (go to SME Licence)
• You cannot supply the font to suppliers or other companies to use.
• You must not commit the Font to any public GIT repository, even to make available to licensed users. Any such act would constitute an unlicensed distribution (making available the Font to unlicensed users) of our Font which is strictly not permitted.

Q. QuarkXPress Site licenses

A. Site licenses are eligible for the bundle too. Standard volume pricing rates for QuarkXPress apply. Multi seat more than 10 seats must be requested manually through our customer service. Education Campus licenses are excluded from this offer.

Q. Does it apply to customers on Mac and Windows?

A. Yes. Both QuarkXPress and Fontsmith fonts are available for Mac and Windows (OpenType fonts).

Q. Education, Non-profit and Government licenses
A. Education, Government, Crossgrade and Non-profit licenses are eligible for the bundle too. Campus licenses are excluded from this offer.

Q: Are Mac App Store Pro customers eligible to receive the special font bundle offer?

A: No. The Mac App Store edition of QuarkXPress 2018 Pro cannot be combined with other offers available outside of the Mac App Store.

Q. How can I receive my free fonts?
A. After having purchased your QuarkXPress 2018 license, you will need to register it and then complete the redemption form. Provided that the redemption form has been completed for a valid purchase of QuarkXPress 2018, within 10 business days you will receive an email with the coupon code and the URL to retrieve and install your free Fontsmith fonts.

Q. Do QuarkXPress and the bundle item come as boxed products (DVD)?
A. No. Both software products are electronic download only. You will receive a download link and any additionally required coupon codes of the bundle item once you have completed the promotion redemption form.

Q. By when do I need to redeem the offer?
A. You have until January 31, 2019 to redeem the free fonts. After this date the redemption code will expire, and the free software will no longer be available.

Q. I filled out the redemption form and have not yet received the information how to receive my free software?
A. In may take up to 10 working days for us to fulfil your redemption request. Also please make sure you to check you spam folder. To ensure delivery, please add to your address book or safe email list. If you still haven’t received an email from us please contact us.

Q. Where can I purchase QuarkXPress 2018 in order to take advantage of this offer?
A. You can purchase your copy of QuarkXPress 2018 from the Quark Store, from our Quark telesales team or from any of our authorized resellers.

Q. I purchased QuarkXPress 2018 before September 17, 2018 – can I still take advantage of this offer?
A. No, at this time the bundle offer is only available to QuarkXPress 2018 purchases made from September 17, 2018 to December 20, 2018.

Q. What is new in QuarkXPress 2018?
A. You can find all details here:

Q. Will I receive QuarkXPress 2018 as boxed product?
A. No. If you purchase the QuarkXPress 2018 upgrade or full product, you will receive an electronic download license and all necessary information how to download and install via email.

Q. I can’t locate my serial number. Can I still buy an upgrade to version 2018?
A. No. You need a valid, registered, activated serial number for a valid QuarkXPress product of any previous version (3-10/2015/2016/2017). You can locate your serial number within the software itself in the About screen. Call our customer service to register your old license and from here you can do the upgrade to QuarkXPress 2018.

Q. How do I access my environment window to view my serial number?
A. On newer versions of QuarkXPress the serial number displays on the splash screen. If you use older versions, here’s how to see your serial number:
On Mac: within the application: choose QuarkXPress > Option(alt)+About QuarkXPress. An environment window with the serial number will display.

On Win: within the application: choose Help > Ctrl+About QuarkXPress. An environment window with the serial number will display.

Q: My license is not registered. Can I still upgrade from my old license?
A. We maintain a database of serial numbers that may still include your previous details. Please contact our customer service and provide them with the information under which your old license was registered. We recommend that you always register your new license.

Q. Can I have my upgrade license be for a different platform?
A. QuarkXPress 2018 is platform independent. That means we don’t mind which platform you install it on, Mac or Windows. However please note that you can only continue to use your current QuarkXPress if it is installed on the same computer as your QuarkXPress 2018 upgrade. This upgrade does not entitle you to install and use your license on multiple computers simultaneously.

Q. I have documents from versions 3-6. When I upgrade to QuarkXPress 2018, can I still open these documents?
A. You cannot open documents prior to QuarkXPress 7 with version 2018. However, you can use the free Quark Document Converter (Mac/Win) which also supports batch conversion.

Q. What are the QuarkXPress 2018 System Requirements?
A. For a full list of System Requirements for QuarkXPress 2018, click here.

USA: 1.800.676.4575 - option 3
CAN: 307.772.7100