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QuarkXPress is optimized to provide exactly the features individual creatives need to work efficiently, from professional design, typography, and layout automation to image editing, illustration and export to a vary of print and digital output formats such as PDFX4, ePUB (eBook), HTML5 Publication (Flipbook) and even apps.

Special Winter Offer Ends January 31

Now is the perfect time to add a copy of QuarkXPress 2016 to your business. Purchase a new copy or upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016 and get a second full license* worth $849 absolutely FREE!

This is how you receive your additional copy of QuarkXPress 2016:


Buy or upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016.
Please note that you will need to have a valid serial number from a previous QuarkXPress version 3-10 or 2015 to be able to upgrade. How to locate your serial number please see FAQs on this page.


You will receive an email with codes and the URLs to download your upgrade/full product and your additional free full copy of QuarkXPress 2016.



NOTE: If you haven't automatically received the additional free license you need to register your QuarkXPress 2016 license(s) first and then manually fill out the redemption form or contact us for help. This may happen in rare cases when purchased through a reseller.

New Full License

QuarkXPress 2016

free extra full license


Upgrade to

QuarkXPress 2016
from version 2015

free extra full license


Upgrade to

QuarkXPress 2016
from Version 3-10

free extra full license



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*Only new retail/government, full and upgrade product licenses of QuarkXPress 2016 purchased from December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 are eligible for this promotion. Site/volume licenses, educational and non-profit licenses are excluded. The free copy of QuarkXPress 2016 will be a fully functional, Not For Resale, downloadable license and must be registered to the same company/person as the paid software. Read the full terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.

What experts say about QuarkXPress 2016

The new version QuarkXPress 2016 has been extended with practical and intelligent features that facilitate the integration into production environments of the publishing industry. The functionality and performance of the program have grown as a serious rival for the competition. Since May 24 QuarkXPress 2016 is available as unrestricted perpetual license without subscription.

The upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016 fits every user. The PDF converter alone is probably worth the upgrade fee. For those who want to publish content digitally and independent of a service and additional payments, HTML5 publications are ideal. Considering the core aspects of a typesetting and layout tool, which are design and typography, QuarkXPress now outperforms InDesign.

QuarkXPress 2016's new ability to convert objects and pages from other programs makes this version a vital upgrade for any user. The ability to export HTML5-based publications with interactivity will make modern publishers happy, and the dozen or so smaller improvements add efficiency to an already fast and efficient program.

#1 Reason To Upgrade To QuarkXPress 2016

Be more effective by converting PDF to editable objects

If you still spend time updating imported ads or brochures by manually putting boxes on top of patchwork cover areas, you should watch this 2 minute video to learn how to do this quickly by converting PDFs to editable QuarkXPress 2016 objects. Saves you loads of time and hassle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I receive this offer?
A. If you purchased QuarkXPress 2016 through Quark’s direct sales team or the Quark eStore, you will automatically receive your additional free license (see serial number and validation code on your customer receipt) and there is no need to complete the redemption form.

If you purchased through a Quark reseller you may need to redeem your additional free copy by completing the redemption form. Provided that the redemption form has been completed for a valid purchase of QuarkXPress 2016, within 3 business days you will receive an email with codes and the URLs to download and install your additional free copy of QuarkXPress 2016.

Q. Can the free license be resold or upgraded in the future?
A.  The free software will be registered to the same company/person as the paid software and is non-transferable and cannot be resold but be upgraded. Also, this software is entitled to 60 days of free tech support through the self-service portal starting from the date of purchase. You can log trouble tickets and access the online chat on our online support portal.

Q. By when do I need to redeem the offer?
A. You have until February 28, 2017 to redeem. After this date the free software will no longer be available.

Q. Where can I purchase QuarkXPress in order to take advantage of this offer?
A. You can purchase your copy of QuarkXPress from the Quark Store, from our telesales team or from any of our authorized resellers.
For US: +1.800.676.4575 - option 3
For UK: +44 207 632 5612
For FR: +33 1 56 43 44 92  
For DACH: +49 40 8533 2854
Any other click here

Q. I purchased QuarkXPress 2016 before December 1, 2016 – can I still take advantage of this offer?
A. No, at this time the promotion is only available to QuarkXPress 2016 purchases made from December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017.
Q. What is new in QuarkXPress 2016?
A. You can find all details here:

Q. Does QuarkXPress 2016 run under OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra?
A. Yes, QuarkXPress 2016 is certified and compatible with El Capitan and macOS Sierra. Full list of System Requirements for QuarkXPress 2016.

Q. Will I receive QuarkXPress 2016 as boxed product?
A. If you purchase the QuarkXPress 2016 upgrade or full product, you will receive an electronic download license (ESD) and all necessary information how to download and install via email. You can make a backup of the installer on a local hard drive or DVD.

Q. I can’t locate my serial number. Can I still buy an upgrade?
A. No. You need a valid, registered, activated serial number for a valid QuarkXPress product of any previous version (3-10/2015). You can locate your serial number either on your QuarkXPress product box or within the software itself in the environment window. Call our customer service or visit our Website first to register your old license and from here you can do the upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016.

Q. How do I access my environment window to view my serial number?
A. On Mac: within the application: choose QuarkXPress > Option(alt)+About QuarkXPress. An environment window with the serial number will display.

On Win: within the application: choose Help > Ctrl+About QuarkXPress. An environment window with the serial number will display.

Q: My license is not registered. Can I still upgrade from my old license?
A. We maintain a database of serial numbers that may well still include your previous details. Please contact our customer service and provide them with the information under which your old license was registered. 
We recommend that you always register your new license, which you can do here:

Q. Can I have my upgrade license be for a different platform?
A. QuarkXPress 2016 is platform independent. That means we don’t mind which platform you install it on, Mac or Windows. However please note that you can only continue to use your current QuarkXPress if it is installed on the same computer as your QuarkXPress 2016 upgrade. This upgrade does not entitle you to install and use your license on multiple computers simultaneously.

Q. Is this offer only available from Quark or can I also purchase through resellers?
A. You can purchase through resellers or direct from Quark. If purchasing from a reseller, we would always recommend that you purchase from Quark Authorized Resellers though to ensure you get the best service possible and are purchasing a legal license. Non-authorized resellers or online stores with exceptionally low prices may be selling illegal or non-valid licenses of QuarkXPress 2016.

Q. I have documents from versions 3-6. When I upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016, can I still open these documents?
A. You cannot open documents prior to QuarkXPress 7 with version 2016. Please us the free Quark Document Converter which also support batch conversion and other features such as removing PasteboardXT information or Web layout spaces: Download Document Converter

Q. What are the QuarkXPress 2016 System Requirements?
A. Full list of System Requirements for QuarkXPress 2016.

USA: 1.800.676.4575 - option 3
CAN: 307.772.7100

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This offer is valid from December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 to customers who purchase retail and government QuarkXPress 2016 upgrade from any previous version and full product. Site license/Volume, Education, and Non-profit purchases are excluded from this offer. This offer is not valid for any other products and cannot be used in combination with any other offer or discount. This offer cannot be applied to previously purchased products. Provided that a valid copy of QuarkXPress 2016 is purchased, the promo code and URL to access the download will be emailed to the customer within 3 working days after registering QuarkXPress 2016 and completing the redemption form here Customers must successfully complete their redemption form before February 28, 2017. After this date customers are not eligible to receive the free copy of QuarkXPress 2016. The free copy of QuarkXPress 2016 will be a full functional, Not for Resale (NFR) downloadable license and must be registered to the same company/person as the paid software. Quark reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time without prior notification. All QuarkXPress 2016 prices are exclusive of taxes. Redemption Expiration Date: February 28, 2017

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