QuarkXPress 2017 Promo FAQ
Q. What is in the QuarkXPress 2017 Upgrade Plan Promo? 
A. With every purchase of a QuarkXPress 2017 upgrade or new license, customers will receive a 12-month QuarkXPress Upgrade Plan worth €169/$169/£145 completely free. Education and Non-profit licenses are excluded from this offer.

Q. I purchased QuarkXPress 2017 before January 1, 2018 – can I still take advantage of this offer?
A. No, at this time the offer is only available to QuarkXPress 2017 purchases made from January 1, 2018 to February 28, 2018. 

Q. QuarkXPress Site licenses     
A. Site licenses are eligible for the promo too. Standard volume pricing rates for QuarkXPress apply.

Q. Education, Non-profit and Government licenses    
A. Non-profit and Education licenses are excluded from this offer.

Q. How can I receive my Upgrade Plan information/receipt?
A. After having purchased your QuarkXPress 2017 license, you will need to register it or fill out the redemption form here. Provided that a valid purchase of QuarkXPress 2017 has been registered, within 3 business days you will receive an email with all necessary information for your free 12-month Upgrade Plan.

Q. By when do I need to redeem the offer?
A. You have until April 30, 2018 to redeem the free Upgrade Plan. After this date the free Upgade Plan will no longer be available.

Q. What happens when my 12-month upgrade plan expires?
A. You will have the option to renew your upgrade plan (at the standard upgrade plan price) for a further 12-months or 24-months. If you do nothing, then the upgrade plan will simply expire. You can continue to use your license of QuarkXPress but will need to pay for any future upgrades.

Q. Where can I purchase QuarkXPress 2017 in order to take advantage of this offer?
A. You can purchase your copy of QuarkXPress 2017 from the Quark Store http://shop.quark.com, from our Quark telesales team or from any of our authorized Reseller.
If purchasing from a reseller, we would always recommend that you purchase from Quark Authorized Resellers though to ensure you get the best service possible and are purchasing a legal license. Non-authorized resellers or online stores with exceptionally low prices may be selling illegal or non-valid licenses of QuarkXPress 2017 or may not be providing you with the bundle component in this special offer.

Q. What is new in QuarkXPress 2017?
A. You can find all details here: www.quark.com/2017

Q. Will I receive QuarkXPress 2017 as boxed product?
A. No. If you purchase the QuarkXPress 2017 upgrade or full product, you will receive an electronic download license and all necessary information how to download and install via email.

Q. I can’t locate my serial number. Can I still buy an upgrade to version 2017?
A. No. You need a valid, registered, activated serial number for a valid QuarkXPress product of any previous version (3-10/2015/2016). You can locate your serial number either on your QuarkXPress product box or within the software itself in the environment window. Call our customer service or visit our Website first to register your old license and from here you can do the upgrade to QuarkXPress 2017.

Q. How do I access my environment window to view my serial number?
A. On newer versions of QuarkXPress the serial number displays on the splash screen when QuarkXPress starts. If you use older versions, here’s how to see your serial number:

On Mac: within the application: choose QuarkXPress > Option(alt)+About QuarkXPress. An environment window with the serial number will display.

On Win: within the application: choose Help > Ctrl+About QuarkXPress. An environment window with the serial number will display.

Q. My license is not registered. Can I still upgrade from my old license?
A. We maintain a database of serial numbers that may still include your previous details. Please contact our customer service and provide them with the information under which your old license was registered. We recommend that you always register your new license, which you can do here: support.quark.com/registration.html

Q. Can I have my upgrade license be for a different platform?
A. QuarkXPress 2017 is platform independent. That means we don’t mind which platform you install it on, Mac or Windows. However please note that you can only continue to use your current QuarkXPress if it is installed on the same computer as your QuarkXPress 2017 upgrade. This upgrade does not entitle you to install and use your license on multiple computers simultaneously. 

Q. I have documents from versions 3-6. When I upgrade to QuarkXPress 2017, can I still open these documents?
A. You cannot open documents prior to QuarkXPress 7 with version 2017. However, you can use the free QuarkXPress Document Converter which also supports batch conversion.

Q. What are the QuarkXPress 2017 System Requirements?
A. For a full list of System Requirements for QuarkXPress 2017, visit: http://www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPress/System_Requirements.aspx