The Gluon ProPack, retail value of $219, will be given FREE with every full-product or upgrade purchase during the month of June.

In addition, all QuarkXPress users — even those with versions as early as 3 — are eligible to upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 for only $349 (excl. tax)!

ProPack bundles leading XTensions in an easy-to-install software that adds features, functionality and value to QuarkXPress by automating and eliminating repetitive steps. Save time and money with:

  • ColuMaker™ Control multiple columns of text
  • iDropper™ Get colors from placed pictures
  • Greeker  Turn readable text to unreadable Greeking
  • And more!

Don’t miss out! Now is the perfect time to get your own copy of the award-winning QuarkXPress 9.

*14 XTensions for Mac, 9 for Windows

Terms and conditions:

This offer is valid from May 31 2012 until June 30 2012 to anyone who purchases QuarkXPress 9, upgrade or full product, between May 31 2012 until June 30 2012. It includes education, non-profit and government license purchases. The free Gluon ProPack includes 14 XTensions for Mac and 9 XTensions for Windows and will be provided as download only. To receive the free Gluon ProPack customers need to fill in the Gluon ProPack redemption form on in order to receive the free software. This offer is not valid for any other products and cannot be used in combination with any other offer or discount. This offer cannot be applied to previously purchased products. Provided that the redemption form is completed correctly with all of the necessary information, within 10 working days, Quark will email the customer the download link and serial of the Gluon ProPack. The 10-day period is a guide only. Any failure to complete the redemption form correctly and provide valid information may impact this timeframe. Customers must successfully complete their redemption form within 10 days of the end of this offer. Quark reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at anytime without prior notification.

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Q. What is in the Gluon ProPack?

A. There are 14 powerful design XTensions for Mac  (9 XTensions for Windows).
To see the full list of the XTensions visit

Q. Is the Gluon ProPack a boxed product?

A. No. You will receive a download link together with the serial number of your Gluon ProPack.

Q. By when do I need to redeem the offer?

A. You have 10 days after the end date of the promotion, which is June 30 2012, to redeem the free Gluon ProPack.

Q. What is new in QuarkXPress 9?

A. QuarkXPress 9 includes new digital publishing design-driven automation and production features.
You can find out more at

Q. How does the iPad integration work?

A. Using the dedicated tablet layout space in QuarkXPress 9, you can design content specifically for the iPad including enriching your QuarkXPress 9layouts with the sound, video, and interactive features. You can use the Web-based service for configuring your own custom app and managing your apps, publications and issues.

Q. Does QuarkXPress 9 run on both, Mac and Window?

A. Yes

Q. Does the Blio exporter work on both, Mac and Windows?

A. Yes

Q. Will I receive QuarkXPress 9 as boxed product?

A. If you purchase the QuarkXPress 9 upgrade from the Quark Store, you will receive your upgrade information via email. To receive QuarkXPress 9 as a boxed product, you can simply purchase QuarkXPress from a Quark Authorized Reseller in your neighbourhood; or from our direct sales team, call 1.800.676.4575, option 3.

Q. I can’t locate my serial number. Can I still buy an upgrade?

A. No. You need a valid, registered, activated serial number for a valid QuarkXPress product of any version. You can locate your serial number either on your QuarkXPress product box or within the software itself in the environment window.

Q. How do I access my environment window?

A. On Mac: within the application: choose QuarkXPress 9> Option(alt)+About QuarkXPress. An environment window with the serial number will display.
On Win: within the application: choose Help > Ctrl+About QuarkXPress. An environment window with the serial number will display.

Q: My license is not registered. Can I still upgrade from my old license?

A. We maintain a database of serial numbers that may well still include your previous details. Please contact our customer service and provide them with the information under which your old license was registered. 
We recommend that you always register your new license, which you can do here:

Q. Can I have my upgrade license be for a different platform?

A. QuarkXPress  9 is platform independent. That means we don’t mind which platform you install it on, Mac or Windows. However please note that you can only continue to use your current QuarkXPress if it is installed on the same computer as your QuarkXPress 9 upgrade. This upgrade does not entitle you to install and use your license on multiple computers simultaneously.

Q. Is this offer only available from Quark or can I also purchase through resellers?

A. You can purchase through resellers or direct from Quark. If purchasing from a reseller, we would always recommend that you purchase from Quark Authorized Resellers though.

Q. I’m using version 3/4/5/6/7/8. What’s new in QuarkXPress 9?

A. Quark has compiled a comparison list of the new features:

Q. I’m using version 3/4/5/6/7/8. When I upgrade to QuarkXPress 9, can I down-save to work with my older versions?

A. You can open all QuarkXPress  version 3,4,5,6,7 & 8 file formats in QuarkXPress 9, you may down-save a QuarkXPress 9 file to a QuarkXPress 8 file format.

Q. What are the QuarkXPress 9 System Requirements?

A. For a full list of System Requirements for QuarkXPress 9, visit System Requirements

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