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Buy QuarkXPress 9 and get Indic solution FREE

When you buy QuarkXPress 9, we give you an Indic language solution free.
Choose the language you want and Quark will provide the solution.

Choose from the following scripts/languages and get the Indic support you expect:

Script/Language What You Get Features
  • 27 typefaces
  • 8 keyboards (phonetic, Remington, linotype, godrej, inscript, divyani,DOE, English roman)
  • High quality fonts for Windows and Mac OS
  • Industry standard keyboards
  • Import Indic fonts from Microsoft Word
  • Spell checking
  • Complete range of conjuncts
  • 8 typefaces
  • 2 keyboards (phonetic, Remington)
  • 9 typefaces
  • 2 keyboards (phonetic, Remington)
Bengali, Assamese
  • 2 typefaces
  • 2 keyboards (phonetic, Remington)
  • 27 typefaces
  • 8 keyboards (phonetic, Remington, linotype, godrej, inscript, divyani, DOE, English roman)

Contact Quark for Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Oriya language support.

To buy your copy of QuarkXPress in India, contact sales:

Ch. V. Prasad Rao
eMail: vrao@quark.com
Mobile: 0.98187.32923
Reetinder Singh
eMail: reetsingh@quark.com
Mobile: 0.99100.31775

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