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The Coming Revolution in Investment Research Distribution

A new book by Neil Scarth takes an in-depth look at how emerging unbundled commission regulations in the United States and Europe will affect the $30+ billion equity research industry. It’s a given that investment banks stand to lose a significant share of research spending now that they have to compete with other research providers.

By studying the impact of similar regulations, Scarth uncovers the risks and opportunities unbundled commissions pose for investment banks.

  • New regulations around commissions may lead to a “priced” market for investment bank research which will potentially transform the institutional equity research market to resemble other specialist publishing markets in which consumers only receive products they purchase.

  • Competition within the market will spark a wave of innovative research products in which “premium” services, including personalisation, interactivity and distribution across print, Web and digital channels will be critical for commercial success.

  • Research businesses that combine recurring revenues with positive margins will likely be able to reinvest, gaining further competitive ground. One key to this will be managing the cost base in a multi-channel distribution environment.

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