Content Automation Trends Report 2018/2019

New Research Validates Need for Content Automation

Did you know organizations are spending an average of $920,000 this year on content technology – and budgets are expected to increase year-on-year? This hefty price tag is just one indication of how critical content – and managing content – is to remaining competitive today.

How are business leaders and content teams allocating million-dollar budgets? Which content challenges are most pressing? New research from Quark and Information Today uncovers trends in the growing market for content automation.

Download the complete report for valuable insight from 262 content professionals that will help you define and refine your content strategies.

Learn more about:
  • Content Management Patterns
  • Content Technology Budgets and Purchasing Priorities
  • The Most Popular Digital Transformation Projects Underway
  • Content Pain Points
  • Content Technology Solutions that Enable Automation
  • And more

More than 20 pages of valuable learning!

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