All new App Studio

Store Page Redesign

The App Studio iOS 7 experience starts with the Store Page. This has been completely redesigned to give clients more opportunity to customize the promoted content, offering a larger latest issue option and also a customizable promotion banner.

The new fluid grid-based design dedicates more screen real estate to what matters – the content.

Content can easily be previewed with a touch, with the store remaining intuitively in the background as is the iOS 7 "layered" style seen through out App Studio.

Revised Bookmarking & Note Taking

Bookmarking and notes have been simplified to make them even easier to use.

The bookmarking manager now leverages the full screen to dedicate more space to editing your bookmarks and notes.

….and of course all of these improvements are available for the iPhone as well.

Issue Navigation

From the store page you're one click away from content. Once in an issue, the navigation has been fully enhanced for iOS 7. Introducing the so-called "hamburger" menu that fluidly slides in to present available options such as Bookmarks, Notes and a quick access table of contents.

Article specific operations sit neatly top right on the new transparent bar that incorporates the standard iOS status bar.

Scrubbing Between Pages

We've listened to user feedback by increasing the size and efficiency of the quick browser experience using the scrubber.

The previous scrubber bar at the bottom of the screen has been replaced with an enhanced full screen experience allowing your customers to better preview pages before choosing to view them.

This allows quicker browsing of article information and enables users to see more detail for an article before choosing to read it.

Subscriber Login Now ‘Front & Center’

Allowing existing digital subscribers authenticated access to digital content. In App Studio customers can configure how the login option is and where.

In particular, 1st time users launching the app can be presented with an initial option to login – something requested by our portfolio of B2B clients.


App Studio includes direct access to the native sharing capabilities of iOS 7 including Copy, Print and social media options for Facebook, Twitter and Email where configured on the device.

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App Studio iOS 7 at a Glance

Theming – Take Control of Your iOS 7 Brand

App Studio allows customers to control the color scheme used throughout the app and very soon this will be extended to include fonts, icons and labels.

With iOS 7, Apple aspired to build on all the desirable elements of iOS that people love and make it better. They wanted to "make it even simpler, more useful and more enjoyable – but still feels instantly familiar".

With App Studio - we've embarked on a ground up redesign to embrace the simplicity, elegance and user experience principles that iOS 7 represents. 

We've distilled the old App Studio experience into a more ordered and intuitive design that leverages all the great benefits of iOS 7 in terms of animations, transparency, and visual language.

About App Studio

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