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Although mobile publishing is relatively new, it is arguably more disruptive than the Web – and it represents big opportunity for Journal publishers


The range of methods used to consume journal content has rapidly diversified from the days of print-only to a fragmented mix of print, web and now mobile. Mobile audiences, accessing immediate and ever-changing information on devices they seldom leave behind, represent significant opportunity to quickly expand your user-base, amplify content usage and relevance, and unlock new revenue streams.

But success lies in the ability to effectively leverage these new channels to provide a compelling, highly interactive user experience across all touchpoints. Watch The 10 Habits of Successful Publishers and gain insight on the best practices leading publishers like The British Medical Journal employ to yield high-profile mobile apps that deliver enriched, personalized user experiences optimized for ever-changing devices.

This 30 minute eSeminar provides an actionable understanding of how to:

  • Evolve to a simplified, automated digital-first strategy and workflow
  • Architect and design for change to maximize content investments and develop a responsive, enhanced user experience
  • Gain visibility into meaningful analytical insights for data-driven content investment decisions
  • Move beyond static issues to incorporate real-time content and social curation to enhance relevance

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iPad Meets Journal:
10 Habits of Successful Publishers